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The knowledge and tools to
craft marketable book ideas, write bestsellers,
promote your books successfully, and
build a business around your books.


"The Successful Author (previously called Create Your Bestselling Author Career) is not just another writing course. It’s a systematic program for planning, taking action, and following through to bring your writing to the largest possible audience. Whether you want to self-publish or attract a publisher, Nina offers the personal support and inspiration you need to achieve success. If you’re ready to commit to becoming a published author, this course is for you."
Rolf Erickson 
Founder and editor of Enlightenment magazine, and author of forthcoming works of fiction and nonfiction.

"Not only does Nina provide an abundance of great training (both from herself and other real experts), but she also provides direct guidance. Nina is a great combination of real expertise (she really knows what she's talking about), practical wisdom, and humanness. In The Successful Author Training (previously called Create Your Bestselling Author Career) I attended, she adjusted her materials and knowledge to the needs of the individuals in the group, giving us exactly what we needed when we needed it.
If you want to learn how to find the right approach, the right topics, and how to turn your written materials into a part-time or full-time career, The Successful Author course is for you."

Mark Furlong
Pastor, Author, Coach


Craft Books that Sell

  • Discover how to determine if your book idea has what it takes to become a bestseller. Learn how to evaluate your ideas through the lens used by publishing professionals so you create marketable book ideas. Then use the information you glean to hone your idea into one that will sell to publishers and to readers. Also evaluate your own readiness, willingness and ability to develop bestselling books. RESULT: Create a marketable book idea, one that leads to a manuscript and a published book with a higher-than-average chance of becoming a bestseller.
    • Define success and uncover what stops you from achieving your goals.
    • Conduct a market analysis.
    • Conduct a competitive analysis.
    • Hone your idea so it is unique and necessary in its bookstore category and targets the needs and wants of your ideal readers.
    • Get clarity on your subject and the value your book will provide to readers.
    • Write a pitch, book summary and list of benefits.
    • Create the structure of your book and define the content of each chapter.
    • Prepare to write a bestseller.
    • Write a book proposal or business plan.
    • Author Training 101(Craft Books that Sell) home-study course ($147)
    • How to Publish Your Book home-study course ($87)
    • Mind Mapping for Authors home-study course ($57)
    • Book proposal or business plan review by literary agent ($350)
    • Copy of The Author Training Manual ($20)
    • Copy of the Easy-Schmeasy Book Proposal Template ($15)
    • Copy of The Nonfiction Book Proposal Demysified e-book ($2.99)
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Write your bestselling book fast

  • Learn to produce a marketable manuscript--one that provides wanted and needed benefit to your ideal readers and adds something unique and necessary to the category in which it will be sold. Do this FAST using a targeted writing guide that keeps you on purpose and on task. Learn from experts how they write quickly and effectively.
    RESULT: Write a marketable book--one with the potential to sell to publishers and to readers--and do it in the next six months!
    • Create a writing guide.
    • Write your book.
    • How to Write a Short Book Fast home-study course ($57)
    • How to Write a Long Book Fast home-study course ($47)
    • High-Performance Writer home-study course ($59)
    • Copy of The Write Nonfiction NOW! Guide to Writing a Book in a Month e-book ($2.99)
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Develop a strong platform and promotion plan

  • Learn how to build a sound author platform that supports your promotion plan. Discover how to ensure both target your market and take advantage of the potential readers you attract. RESULT: Create the foundation that allows you to help your book succeed--attract buyers, which means readers.
    • Evaluate your platform.
    • Develop a sustainable platform-building plan that targets potential readers.
    • Create a promotion plan.
    • How to Build Engaged Platforms and Communities home-study course ($67)
    • Branding for Authors home-study course ($27)
    • Blogging for Authors home-study course ($47)
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Build a business around your book

  • Discover how to monetize your book with products, services and additonal books. Learn to use this strategy to help make your books more discoverable and create additional streams of income based upon your writing, passion and purpose.
    RESULT: Leverage your book to develop multiple income streams that financially support you and your continued writing work.
    • Create a career plan.
    • Develop a branding strategy.
    • Find strategies to leverage the content in your book with products and services.
    • Discover ways to provide additional value to your readers as you increase your revenue streams.
    • How to Build a Business Around Your Book home-study course ($97)
    • Copy of Authorpreneur e-book ($2.99)
    • Career plan review ($300)
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  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions (1 hour) - 12 total - over the course of the next six months.
  • Monthly office hours (15-minute, one-on-one, laser-coaching sessions)
  • Private Facebook page
  • Coaching sessions on Mondays from 4-5:30 p.m. Pacific Time; the course begins July 6th and ends December 6. (December 22nd will be the final class if any need to be missed for some reason.)
  • Office hours vary from month to month to make it possible for more people to access them.
  • Online access to all course material.
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Signed copy of How to Blog a Book

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